True or False: DRose is Going to be a Baby Daddy

Nothing like a juicy rumor to start off your Monday morning!

Is Chicago’s clean-cut star going to be a baby daddy this summer? Bulls MVP Derrick Rose and long time girlfriend Mieka Reese are allegedly expecting their first child, it is said Mieka is 7 1/2 months pregnant. Word spread when Mieka’s younger sister broke news on Twitter yesterday, she tweeted about “rubbing her sister’s pregnant belly.” Whoops…

At least they’re cute right? One thing is for sure, that baby (if true) is set for life. I have a bit of advice: one baby is cute, but be careful and don’t take after Dwight Howard and have five babies by five women. Also, that baby better stay put because Rose does not need any additional distractions right now. He needs to focus on his game and get Chicago to their first NBA Championship since the Michael Jordan era.

Here I am getting all worked up, nothing has been officially proven and I am waiting for some solid confirmation on this debacle.


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