Happy Opening Days

The sport of baseball is back. It doesn’t seem like it was gone for too long, probably because it wasn’t. Whether a Northsider or Southsider this is a great week for baseball fans in Chicago. Today the Cubs have their home opener against the Washington Nationals and the White Sox open their season in Texas with the Rangers tomorrow, drink it in baseball lovers.

Unfortunately, this year’s opening day doesn’t have the same aura and optimism as previous years because neither the Cubs or the White Sox are expected to even compete for a spot in the postseason this year and “World Series” contender isn’t in the picture for either team.

April is always compelling if only for curiosity sake. Can the Cubs or White Sox stay competitive enough to give fans their hope or fall short? Or will they fulfill all of our worst expectations? The Cubs are in the early stages of Theo Epstein’s “rebuilding” master plan. The White Sox really need one hell of a year from Adam Dunn and Alexei Ramirez. What will Robin Ventura bring to the table, or will Sox fans be missing the colorful commentary of Ozzie Guillen?

Regardless of either team’s outcome this season, the Nike commercial below is enjoyable and stirs up the ever consistent Northside/Southside rivalry in our beautiful city.

4 months until football…

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