When Will Toews Return?

I am really starting to miss Jonathan Toews and his handsome face. Word had spread that he could potentially play in Thursday’s game against the Minnesota Wild after the Blackhawks captain was cleared for contact, but that hope was shot down today.

When asked why Toews is still out after being fully involved in practice this week Coach Joel Quenneville said, “it’s all part of the process.”  He will miss his 21st consecutive game and last played Feb. 19 against the St. Louis Blues.

Toews just seems so sad, I felt bad for the hockey star (and then I remembered he’s still making millions so I don’t feel that bad). Luckily he will be able to go on the road with the team, “That’s step one,” he said. “It’s better than staying home and sitting around by myself. It’s not fun to be home watching on TV in my living room; guys go on the road and you miss out on a lot. I feel like I’m a little bit closer to being in the picture again and it’s better than nothing. Hopefully that means I’ll be playing soon.”

We could still potentially see Toews on the ice against the Detroit Red Wings this weekend.

Do not fret, there is still one positive to Thursday’s game. Duncan Keith is a free man now, his five-game NHL suspension is over. It was essentially more of a refresher course than anything, he recharged his legs, regained even more strength. Welcome back #2!

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