Athletes We Love to Hate – Very Interesting

I found this very interesting article on FoxSports (it was actually an article released by Forbes) about the top ten most disliked athletes around the sports industry. These are their top ten and my own personal touch:

10.) Kurt Busch – not going to lie, I’m not a huge Nascar fan, but he’s a little obscene

9.) Alex Rodriguez – Steroids, a nasty divorce, between Madonna and Cameron Diaz you can’t blame people for disliking ARod.

8.) Terrell Owens – This guy thrives in the spotlight and is a twitter maniac, sometimes it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

7.)  Kobe Bryant – You love him or you hate him, but there are many people who were happy Kobe’s ex-wifey got more than her fair-share in their divorce (I still can’t believe there wasn’t a prenup). When you get caught cheating and it’s blown up by the media, women around the country are never going to forgive you.

6.) Lebron James – on my list this guy would be #3, he makes my blood boil. Anyone who has an entire special dedicated to “his decision” to play with a certain team is an arrogant fool.

5.) Kris Humphries – That’s why you shouldn’t marry a Kardashian before your career is in it’s prime. Kim ruined your image man.

4.) Ndamukong Suh – He is one dirty dirty defensive tackle, I think he actually hits people in hopes to injure them.

3.) Plaxico Burress – Guns are bad, enough said.

2.) Tiger Woods – When the world finds out your are a compulsive sex addict, and you get caught cheating on your wife in front of America, forgiveness is not your best friend. And his golf game really hasn’t ever recovered.

1.) Michael Vick – Everyone loves puppies and you should never make innocent pups fight. I don’t think Michael Vick will ever be forgiven for his animal cruelty.

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