Sharp or Keith? Do We Really Have to Choose?

Well gosh, thanks for making it hard on us EA Sports! How are Blackhawks fans supposed to choose between Patrick Sharp and Duncan Keith? You sure we can’t have both?

The two stars are vying for the spot to represent the Hawks in EA Sports’ fan voting contest, the winner will grace the cover of “NHL 13.” The voting will consist of two preliminary rounds, the first round has two members from each of the 30 NHL franchises (March 29-April 11), the second round is narrowed to 32 players – each winner from every team with two separate wild cards (April 12-22), and the final round is a 16-player bracket to produce a winner (April 12-22). The cover-contest champion will be announced June 20 at the 2012 NHL Awards in Las Vegas.


So who do Chicago fans choose? They’re both assistant captains, they were both apart of the Stanley Cup Championship team, they would both look fancy on the cover of a video game. If we’re basing this on looks alone, my heart belongs to Patrick Sharp – his face is perfection. However, I also think their is a certain demeanor NHL defensive players have (who doesn’t love watching a man slam another man into the boards?) which gives recently suspended Keith an upper hand – we all remember when he got his teeth knocked out and kept playing. The RedEye Chicago also pointed out that Keith has a Norris Trophy and an Olympic gold medal, Sharpie might not be considered as “prestigious” to some. This is going to take some serious consideration.

You can cast your vote by going to the Cover Vote page, by visiting the EA Sports NHL Facebook page or by tweeting your vote using the hashtag #NHL13Cover.


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