Holy Hot Dog!

This ain’t no Oscar Mayer wiener, this is a monster wiener. The Texas Rangers have confirmed they will be selling this 2-foot, 1-pound weenie at their ballpark this upcoming season. It’s said to serve three to four fans and will cost $26 – that’s one expensive and heavy weenie.

“It has to be a tremendous wiener. And then we’re getting some kind of exotic bread flown in from France. And I don’t know what kind of condiments you put on that. But I do want to look at it,” said team president Nolan Ryan.

The dog is a Coney Island-style wiener that will be topped with shredded cheese, chili and sautéed onions. Not to mention the bun, apparently made of “exotic bread flown in from France.”

Apparently they’re having a difficult time determining a consistent name for this ginormous hot dog. Depending on where you purchase it in the park there are two different names. If you dine at the Captain Morgan Club, it’s a “Champion Dog.” However, concession stands throughout Rangers Ballpark will also be selling the schnitzel, and will call it the “Boomstick.”

This hot dog reminds me of the “Victory Knot” at the United Center – most expensive ($15) and delicious 2-pound soft pretzel around. I mean at least they give you three different kinds of dipping sauces, and yes I’ve eaten one.

The saying holds true, everything really is bigger in Texas. I do wonder how this hotdog makes the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine feel. They’re the ones responsible for putting up this lovely billboard on Chicago’s Eisenhower expressway:

For the sake of Ranger’s fans or any baseball fan, lets hope this billboard is just a publicity stunt.

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