A Big Night for Thibodeau

Go Get’em Thibs!

Tom Thibodeau reached 100 wins tonight as an NBA head coach.  He is the fastest head coach to reach his 100th victory in NBA history with an overall record of 100-30, not to too shabby. Back-to-back Coach of the Year?

Say it with me, “DEFENSE! DEFENSE!” And with great defense, comes many victories in basketball, you obviously need a little offense as well.

Coach Tom Thibodeau is known around the league for his defensive coaching ability, his reputation holds true as the Bulls defense has continued to improve and destroy it’s opponents. Tonight they trounced the Orlando Magic without MVP Derrick Rose (he sat his fourth straight with a groin injury), 85-59. Who holds Dwight Howard and his boys to only 59 points!?!

Both Carlos Boozer, 24 pts -12 rebounds, and Howard, 18 pts -12 rebounds, had double-doubles. Thank goodness the Booze-Cruise showed up against a dominant team in the Eastern Conference, it’s time our big-man shows his opponents who’s boss. The Bulls shredded through Orlando, punishing them for every offensive basket missed. Joakim Noah had a sick dunk and his finger pistols going, “Bang Bang” as Stacey King likes to say.

In my opinion, the Magic don’t utilize Howard enough, pass it to him under the basket and he could score every time – if you haven’t noticed he’s enormous! I mean, no need to listen to me until after the playoffs though :-).


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