Who has better #messybunswag?

It’s official, I am obsessed with Joakim Noah and his #messybunswag. It might be one of my favorite things happening in the NBA right now, I swear the bun has its own presence on the Bulls.  I was a bit disappointed last night when I didn’t get to see Noah’s bun bouncing around the court against the Utah Jazz. As he sat on the Bulls bench, I thought to myself, you know – there is only one other person I know who has a comparable messy-bun swagger and that is my dearest sister Marisa.  See for yourself, she gives Joakim a run for his messy-bun money.

They’re like twinsies. I guess we can say she was blessed with the #messybunswag, now we just have to teach her how to dunk and she’s good to go.

So you tell me, who rocks the better messy-bun?

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