Derrick Rose Overrated? Say What?

During the 4th quarter of last night’s Bulls-Bucks game, Milwaukee fans started chanting “overrated” at Derrick Rose. This was his response: a buzzer-beater fade away jumper to put the Bulls up 106-104 at the Bradley Center – yea eat your words Bucks fans. MVP time!


“Growing up, those are the things you dream about,” Rose said. “It’s a great feeling, man. I love it.” This was the Bulls eighth straight victory – the longest Chicago winning streak yet this season. Bucks coach Scott Skiles had some commentary as well, “What a luxury to have; you don’t even need to run a play. You can just bring it in, throw it to a guy and he can get whatever shot he wants. It was an incredibly tough shot to make.”

A few weeks ago I read an alarming blogpost on the site. It was about Jeremy Lin being a better role model than Derrick Rose. The blogger stated, “Derrick Rose is humble, has never been arrested, does charity work, cares for his teammates, and works hard on the court. All this is true. But is there really anything exceptional to this? Of course not; all of this should be expected. You’re supposed to be humble, you’re supposed to not get arrested, you’re supposed to volunteer, and you’re supposed to work hard. To actually list these as reasons for Derrick Rose to be held as a role model not only diminishes him as an individual but lowers our standards for role models and belittles our already low opinion of professional athletes. Presumably, the bar has been battered down so low in professional sports what was once expected is now exceptional; what was once customary is now extraordinary.” The article inadvertently accused Rose fans of “over-hyping” him.

Here’s the real deal, Chicago fans love Derrick Rose because he is an extraordinary athlete not because he is a genius – if you disagree you can watch the video above once more – his talent is admirable as well as exceptional, and for someone who is a naturally gifted basketball player, he also works very hard to continue improving. When the game comes down to the final seconds, his teammates know he can perform. “Every time we need a basket, he gets us one, whatever the situation might be,” Carlos Boozer said. “It’s awesome to have him on our side.” He’s the team’s clutch player. He is an example for kids in Chicago to work hard, practice, and signifies hope to others who may come from underdeveloped communities. He’s not just a kid who came from an Ivy league school and is making himself known in the NBA (I love the Jeremy Lin story don’t get me wrong), this is the reigning MVP who deserves every bit of hype he gets. Give me some #DRoseswag over #Linsanity any day. He’s too big, too fast, too strong, and too good.

Enough said.

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