Third Base Up for Grabs for White Sox

It’s only day-two of the Cactus League and things seem to be getting interesting over at Camelback Ranch. For the second day in a row the White Sox have Brent Lillibridge playing third base, replacing Brent Morel. He’s only played 17 major-league innings at this position in his career…hmmm.

Third base is a position the White Sox have struggled to fill for at least the past two seasons. Morel was simply mediocre, but a better option than his predecessor Mark Teahen – Chicago wasn’t working with much.

Last season Lillibridge spent most of his time in right field or second base, seeing him at 3rd is throwing me off a bit, but spring training is meant for testing the waters. However, new manager Robin Ventura knows a thing or two about third base so I guess his judgement can be trusted. He was one of the better defensive 3rd basemen the league has seen the past few decades. “It’s tough because you’re the one making decisions,’’ Ventura said. “Some are good; some are bad. Some work out; some don’t. Not every decision, just because it works, you say it was the right decision. The manager has to believe in it, and a lot of other people have to believe in it, as far as the player you’re putting in and the guys on the field.’’ I’m interested to see what he can do for Lillibridge at third.

Here’s today’s lineup against the Los Angeles Angels and their new big man Albert Pujols according to sources at the Chicago Tribune:

1. De Aza CF
2. Beckham 2B
3. Dunn 1B
4. Viciedo LF
5. Fukudome RF
6. Flowers C
7. Gallagher DH
8. Lillibridge 3B
9. Escobar SS
Danks SP

One more thing, I really miss Joe Crede, and not just for his talents at 3rd base.

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