Masked Menace?

WHOA, this just looks uncomfortable Mr. Lakeshow. However, I can’t imagine playing a NBA basketball game with a broken nose, ouch. When the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat 93-83 on Sunday, the most impressive performance seemed to come from Kobe Bryant’s face mask, it’s 3-0 for the season.

I’m used to seeing Rip Hamilton, the Bulls newest edition this season, who has been rocking his mask for so long it looks like part of his uniform. This current mask just isn’t cutting it for the Prince of LA, Kobe is reportedly still struggling with all the sweat that’s trickling into his mouth during games when he wears the mask (super sexy). Lakers  trainer Gary Vitti has been working with basketball mask innovator Jerry McHale, the man behind Rip City’s mask, to try and come up with a better one for Kobe, we should expect a new and improved mask during the Lakers game tomorrow. I think you need to get a sweet purple sweatband to complete the ensemble and collect that sweat.

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