Miss USA a Vancouver Canucks Fan

CAUTION: We have a traitor on our hands friends. Alyssa Campanella the reigning Miss USA, has publicly declared herself a Vancouver Canucks fan. Do not be distracted by her smoking hot body and beautiful auburn locks, she cheers for the bad guys. Alyssa was born in New Jersey, raised in California, and now lives in New York (she gets a condo in the Trump tower as a perk of being the queen). One would expect her to root for the Devils, maybe the Islanders or Kings, but no, she is a full fledged Canucks fan.

As a former Miss USA Illinois contestant, supporter of the pageant system, and Chicago Blackhawks fan, I have to admit this news is rather heartbreaking, disappointing, and saddens me deeply. The Canucks make my blood boil! How can someone who represents the United States be a fan of the dirtiest Canadian hockey team?

She’s even converted Miss Teen USA, Danielle Doty into supporting those wretched Canucks. Here they are in their Jerseys, it’s even on the Miss USA website!

I mean, I’m happy Miss USA knows a thing or two about hockey and enjoys the sport, but man…out of all the teams to choose from. Here she is declaring her Canucks pride on NHL TV (see video below). Rumor has it she’s dating a Canadian actor, Torrance Coombs, I’m hoping he has swayed her loyalties and she eventually will come back from the dark-side. Otherwise, I think we may have to strip her of her title.

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