Slam Dunk the Funk: James vs Griffin

Whoa…what is in the water in the NBA? There have been some serious dunks the past few days, these men are superhuman beasts.

As of Sunday, Lebron James’ one-handed alley-oop dunk on Chicago’s John Lucas was at the top of the “Best Dunk of the Year” list. The Miami Heat in general make my blood boil, especially when the Bulls fall 97-93, but this utterly humiliating dunk over Lucas still makes me cringe.

Luckily, Blake Griffin knocked King James off of his South Beach throne the next night during the third quarter against the OKC Thunder. After receiving a bounce pass from Chis Paul, Griffin jumped in the lane, was met by Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins, and the rest is history. Griffin jumped over Perkins (who is 6’10”, not a little guy), slammed the ball into the hoop and actually wrapped his fingers around the rim. Impressive Mr. Griffin, that is the definition of a SLAM DUNK. The Wall Street Journal said it best, “Blake Griffin Will Dunk On Your Face” and take your manhood/dignity.

James even admitted defeat after seeing Griffin’s monster dunk.

Where you at Carlos Boozer? I’d like to see a dunk like this out of our big man, please and thank you!

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