Stick it to Him

As we all know the Packers are the talk of the NFL for some very valid reasons, but this gem I found makes me respect their fan base just a little bit more.  Right now Aaron Rodgers is having a remarkable year (it should just read “UNREAL” when discussing his passing yards or completions instead of a number), BUT they are the Bears ultimate rival.

Cheese-hat action

However this picture is awesome (I know the Packers embarrassed the Bears nationally on Christmas Day, but we’ve all put this year to rest and will keep our fingers and toes crossed for next season). I think any girl/woman who’s ever been cheated on can appreciate this amazing photo.

Touche Packer fan, you show him who won that battle. She looks so content with her current state. Cheaters get couches and nice girls get to go to football games. #getitgirl

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