Bulls. Are. Back.

As if we didn’t love him enough, Derrick Rose gave us a bit of a “Christmas Miracle” as he proved once again why he is the reining MVP. Trailing the Lakers by 10 points late in the fourth quarter in the highly anticipated season opener, Rose hit a floater with 4.8 seconds left in regulation. The game came down to two of the league’s greatest stars getting the ball in crunch time. Kobe Bryant with a turnover. Rose made his shot. Bryant’s was covered by 3 bulls defenders, blocked from behind by Luol Deng and the Bulls took the win 88-87.

(Watch it love it)

The Bulls started the first two quarters strong, leading the Lakers at the half. The second half was stagnant for the team, shooting only 25 percent from the floor. Although Rose stole the show for the game winner and lead the team with 22 points, there were a few other noteworthy performances for the Bulls.

I was digging Deng’s new doo – kind of like a mini mow-hawk, but more importantly I enjoyed his 21 points. He had 5 consecutive points to pull the Bulls within a point with 20.4 seconds left in the game.

I really missed watching Joakim Noah’s messy bun bounce up and down the court, although it seemed a bit toned down from the animal he was rockin during the playoffs. I would like to see him get a few more offensive rebounds, box out the big men, but all in all you can’t argue with the man’s intensity.

Richard “Rip” Hamilton started for the Bulls. I think he had some crappy fouls called against him right away, which caused him to play cautiously throughout the remainder of the game. Hopefully he doesn’t always find himself in foul trouble. I’m excited to see what he will bring to the team this season.

It was an exciting game for Chicago fans, brought back the “come-back-hold your breath” win feeling we all experienced during the Bulls 2011 playoff run. However, the Lakers team has a new head coach and a new lineup. The Bulls will need to play a more consistent offensive game to beat more developed teams, especially in the east (ahem Heat ahem Celtics).

Daaa da daa Hey! Go Bulls!

4 thoughts on “Bulls. Are. Back.

  1. Great read Britt! That was a great but nerve racking Bulls win. Of corse D.Rose deserve all the praise in the world but I gotta give big props to Deng (he needs a damn hair cut too)! I wasn’t pleased by Noah play and Boozer was himself. The one thing I am worried about is the chemistry between Noah & Booz. They just don’t fit to me. I know it’s a pipe dream but I hope Gar Pax are on the phone w/ Otis Smith. This is going to be interesting NBA season and can’t wait for the next post.


  2. I dig Rip’s menacing mask, as well as his menacing name. What I don’t dig are the fouls he has committed or called for committing the past two games.

    Deng’s new look is a welcomed addition to my HDTV. He’s playing like a grown-ass man.

    D. Rose, while he saved the W against the Lakers, has really disappointed in his first two games. Here’s why:



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