“Rip City” to Our City

This just in (well about 4 hours ago) Mr. Richard “Rip” Hamilton has been traded to our very own Chicago Bulls. A former Detroit Pistons All-Star, Hamilton is a true two shooting guard and has a championship under his belt, just what John Paxson and the Bulls front office ordered. With Derrick, Joakim, and Luol by his side, this new lineup will hopefully “rip” through the eastern conference.

According to league sources, Rip is expected to practice with the Bulls Thursday and possibly even suit up for the exhibition game against the Pacers Friday. Tom Thibodeau was unable to confirm any information about Hamilton after Wednesday’s second practice says EPSN Chicago.

I think “Chi city” is going to welcome “Rip city” with open arms, and hopefully his shot will be better than last season. “You can sense everybody is excited for him to be here,” Luol Deng said. If his shooting percentage can be what it was in 2004, he may be able to fill a void the Bulls have been missing.

Derrick Rose has confidence in Hamilton’s shooting ability as well, saying “I know my assists will go up (with Rip on the team)”.

The terms of the negotiation have not been confirmed, although the Chicago Tribune reported Hamilton will sign a two-year deal for $10 million, and the third year is a team option.

Now that the official business has been discussed, let’s move onto what really matters…is he going to sport a black face guard and red sweat band now that he will be rocking a Bulls uniform? It’s all about that signature face guard.

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