Root Root Root for the ???

Whether a North-sider or South-sider, this MLB post season just isn’t very Chicago friendly. We will tune in to support our love for the game, but I mean honestly, who are we expected to cheer for in this World Series match up!?

Cardinal fans who have migrated north to a better city are coming out of the woodwork -sporting their red and white tees, congregating at the few local bars supporting St. Louis and overwhelming my mini feed with Cardinal statuses. I have to hold back my urge to comment “Go back to St. Louis if it’s so great!” Despite my instinct, I have matured and do not yell or post such things. I believe if you are a Chicagoan, despite North-side or South-side status, you cannot bring yourself to root for the Cardinals. Albert Pujols is an offensive weapon, batting .419 with 10 RBIs in 11 postseason games, and now has David Freese stepping up his postseason game (12-22 in the Brewers series – not too shabby). The Cards put an offensive spanking on the Milwaukee Brewers during the National League Championship, beating them 12-3 or 7-1 or 12-6 leaving no hope for recovery. (I mean I wouldn’t want the Brewers in the World Series either.  With the way the Packers have been playing and Wisconsin’s offensive line eating up the Big Ten, Wisconsin is dominating football – they can’t have baseball bragging rights too!) I can respect the talent on the St. Louis team, but they are the Chicago Cubs biggest rival. I cannot hope they win another World Series before the Cubs even make the playoffs.

Take it over to the American League, do we cheer for the Rangers? They’re not in the Central Division. They set a club record with 96 wins this season, only four of those against the White Sox. Josh Hamilton‘s success story is one of the best in the league. They didn’t put as big of a hurt on the White Sox record as the Tigers who defeated Chicago 13 times during the regular season. And they’ve never won a World Series pennant. They also beat out the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship, that alone makes gives them a few points in my book. (I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for Detroit anything, no Lions, no Tigers, no Pistons, no Redwings). So if I have to choose, I would say Rangers all the way.

Predictions say it’s going to be a high scoring World Series, which at least makes for exciting baseball. There is potential for things to get interesting as the only Rangers pitcher to face Pujols in his career is reliever Mike Adams, everyone else will be facing the slugger for the first time. Regardless, both teams have strong bull pens, which will make for a close series. I am ready for the Rangers to take on the Cardinals at Busch Stadium for game one of the 2011 pennant tomorrow night.

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