Ozzie Looking for Bigger Fish to Catch

I know I’m a bit tardy, but I think the RedEye said it best, “HE GONE. He came, He swore, He Conquered. Ozzie has managed his last bleepin’ Sox game.” After an eight-year run as the Chicago White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen has walked away from the south-siders. He was unable to secure a contract extension last Monday morning and asked out of his current contract early. Rumors had been brewing for weeks that he was heading south to hang with all my crazy Cuban relatives in hot and humid Miami to manage the Marlins.

As a White Sox fan, I have to say I’m going to miss the outgoing Latin man. His pregame and post game sound bites were unforgettable. Guillen once told reporters that “no comment” was not part of his vocabulary, and he kept to his word. I just wanted to say a quick “thank you” for 2005, when a Chicago baseball team got to bring a World Series Trophy home (something that seems impossible for those North-Siders).    

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But now it is time to give a proper welcome to former White Sox star third-baseman Robin Ventura. Although he has absolutely no managerial experience, and Ken Williams decision came as a shock to most Chicagoans, I’m going to give him a fair shot! I mean he’s not going to be Tony La Russa opening day next season, but I think he absolutely has the passion for the game. In a conference call with the AP after his decision he said, “I do have a passion for it. I do have a passion for this team and this city. I’m not one to really back away from a lot of things . . . The passion is there to do it, I was asked to do it. I’m honored.’’

So for now…welcome Robin and goodbye Ozzie!

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