Chicago’s Own McDreamy

Hellooo Handsome! The new Chicago Cubs president of baseball operations has made his way to our city – sweet home Chicago. Cubbie fans prepare to officially welcome Theo Epstein at a scheduled Wrigley news conference Tuesday – reports ESPN Chicago.

The city has been buzzing since rumors of Epstein joining the Cubs began a few months ago. Some are saying it was the worst-kept secret in baseball, but nonetheless, Epstein officially resigned from his position as the Boston Red Sox general manger this past Friday “effective immediately” and is moving on to an even bigger challenge “The Loveable Losers”.

Is he too good to be true? Married or not, he is one attractive Yale-educated World Series mastermind. Coming to Chicago puts quite a bit of weight on Epstein’s shoulders, as Northsiders are ever hopeful for a similar situation as in Boston. Epstein broke the Curse of the Bambino in 2004 after the Red Sox went 86 years without a World Series title. The Red Sox went on to win two World Series pennants (the second in 2007) under the wing of Epstein. Chicago proposes more of a challenge as the Cubs have not won the World Series in 103 years – Curse of the Billy Goat going strong since 1908.

Finalization of Epstein’s compensation with Boston has not completely been resolved, but the leading commissioner Bud Selig placed a deadline of November 1st on the situation during Game 4 of the World Series stating “Hopefully they can get things done. I always encourage clubs to try to get things done between themselves. Somehow, the commissioner has enough things of controversy (to deal with)” reports If they don’t get things done, Bud will.

Epstein has quite a bit of work to do upon his arrival in Chicago. There is still an impending question mark as to who the Cubs will hire as a general manager? Are we keeping Mike Quade, or looking elsewhere? West coast elsewhere…to San Diego’s Jed Hoyer? At least we know Epstein is a genuine man, taking out a full-page ad in last Sunday’s Boston Globe thanking the Red Sox and the city of Boston for their time together. I don’t want to go and say something as drastic as Cubs fans being deprived of a title are desperate for a World Series, but I think it’s safe to say fans are “dreaming” of a World Series. Hopefully Epstein can make some smart front office decisions, the Cubs can see a winning season and possibly a postseason run.

First stop for Epstein in his new city of Chicago…Girl and the Goat? He can learn some excellent recipes for cooking goat!

“Get Your Pink On” with the NFL

No matter the team, if you’ve turned on a pro-football game the past few weeks you’ve seen pink gloves, pink socks, pink spikes, pink sweatbands, pink chin guards, pink towels, pink game coins and pink ribbons. The NFL players, clubs, referees and entire association are pink infused. During this month of Breast Cancer Awareness the National Football League has teamed up with the American Cancer Society to promote their campaign “A Crucial Catch” and display their pink pride.  The primary goal is to promote and increase awareness of the importance of annual screenings, specifically for women 40 and older.

I have to say, I’m impressed with this campaign. Breast cancer has directly impacted the lives of so many women and families all over the country (my friends and family included), it is wonderful when organizations with a high impact participate in these philanthropic campaigns. It is also an opportunity for football fans to unite for a great cause, no matter their team allegiance. Below are some of my favorite pictures from this past month.

Obviously this first image is my favorite, I must support my Chicago BearsDevin Hester NFC special teams player of the week shows off his pink apparel.

Taking things further south, stadiums get a little pink decorating. The Cowboys show their pink pride by displaying the pink ribbon on their field goal.

Gotta stretch it out and show off all your fly apparel…pink is really an excellent accent to any uniform, especially the pink kicks.

Knowledge is the strongest weapon, being proactive saves lives.

Plain and simple, just pink it up, everybody’s doing it.

We all need to support such a wonderful cause.

If you would like more information about “A Crucial Catch” visit them at Feel free to bid on Pink items or purchase official pink merchandise at the website!

Root Root Root for the ???

Whether a North-sider or South-sider, this MLB post season just isn’t very Chicago friendly. We will tune in to support our love for the game, but I mean honestly, who are we expected to cheer for in this World Series match up!?

Cardinal fans who have migrated north to a better city are coming out of the woodwork -sporting their red and white tees, congregating at the few local bars supporting St. Louis and overwhelming my mini feed with Cardinal statuses. I have to hold back my urge to comment “Go back to St. Louis if it’s so great!” Despite my instinct, I have matured and do not yell or post such things. I believe if you are a Chicagoan, despite North-side or South-side status, you cannot bring yourself to root for the Cardinals. Albert Pujols is an offensive weapon, batting .419 with 10 RBIs in 11 postseason games, and now has David Freese stepping up his postseason game (12-22 in the Brewers series – not too shabby). The Cards put an offensive spanking on the Milwaukee Brewers during the National League Championship, beating them 12-3 or 7-1 or 12-6 leaving no hope for recovery. (I mean I wouldn’t want the Brewers in the World Series either.  With the way the Packers have been playing and Wisconsin’s offensive line eating up the Big Ten, Wisconsin is dominating football – they can’t have baseball bragging rights too!) I can respect the talent on the St. Louis team, but they are the Chicago Cubs biggest rival. I cannot hope they win another World Series before the Cubs even make the playoffs.

Take it over to the American League, do we cheer for the Rangers? They’re not in the Central Division. They set a club record with 96 wins this season, only four of those against the White Sox. Josh Hamilton‘s success story is one of the best in the league. They didn’t put as big of a hurt on the White Sox record as the Tigers who defeated Chicago 13 times during the regular season. And they’ve never won a World Series pennant. They also beat out the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship, that alone makes gives them a few points in my book. (I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for Detroit anything, no Lions, no Tigers, no Pistons, no Redwings). So if I have to choose, I would say Rangers all the way.

Predictions say it’s going to be a high scoring World Series, which at least makes for exciting baseball. There is potential for things to get interesting as the only Rangers pitcher to face Pujols in his career is reliever Mike Adams, everyone else will be facing the slugger for the first time. Regardless, both teams have strong bull pens, which will make for a close series. I am ready for the Rangers to take on the Cardinals at Busch Stadium for game one of the 2011 pennant tomorrow night.

Storied Rivals on the MNF Stage

Hopefully this is the result of tonight's matchup

It’s very simple, the Bears must beat the 4-0 Detroit Lions at Ford Field tonight. Seriously, the Lions cannot be undefeated at 5-0 in the NFC, mind you they have not seen that record in 55 years. I don’t think they need to break the streak.

Tonight will be a true test to see just how impressive this young and confident Detroit Lions team really is, on national Television no less. The Lions have not played on the Monday night football stage in over a decade (2001 was their last appearance), and things have changed quite a bit since then. Are they true contenders? There is no doubt WR Calvin Johnson is an extremely talented player with two touchdowns every game this season – they don’t call him Megatron for nothin’. But we can’t overlook the two come from behind wins of 20 point deficits or more…was it luck or true talent?

Martz needs to forego his pass happy tactics and create some stability with the running game, because if Matt Forte can produce rushing yards like last week, our offense may be in good shape – and it should keep Jay Cutler off his back. Speaking of, our offensive line MUST contain Ndamukong Suh the pro-bowler defensive tackle. Our defense needs to make some big plays, I wouldn’t mind another DJ Moore pick 6 and for Julius Peppers to sack me some Matthew Stafford. And for the finishing touch we can always use a Devin Hester return for a TD.

The Bears have won the last 6 games against the Lions, let’s make it 7!

Seeing Stars

Tonight the Blackhawks are back at the Madhouse on Madison as they face the Dallas Stars for their home opener. After avoiding a Dallas shutout by seconds in the season opener – literally, Nick Leddy scored with 13.6 seconds left in regulation – the Hawks need to find a lucky horseshoe because they weren’t getting any breaks last night.

Here we find Jamie Benn smashing Niklas Hjalmarsson and breaking glass in the third period

Stars’ goalie Lehtonen was rather flawless stopping 37 shots, tonight probably won’t be much different. The Hawks out-shot the Stars 22-12 in the second period, but somehow the Stars came out with 2 goals and the Hawks had nada.

With one game down, there were a few things I noticed about the young (excluding O’Donnell) Blackhawks team.

  • Duncan Keith needs to be a bit more aggressive, if you’re going to run this defense you need to have a little pep in your step on the ice. We like to see some checking!
  • If the first period of this game was a representation of how Corey Crawford will play this year, hellooo playoffs!
  • Quenneville just needs to define his lines, see what works best under the pressure of the regular season – I feel like there was quite a bit of clumsy wipeouts, more than usual.
  • Brent Seabrook and I are still not dating, this is a huge disadvantage for their upcoming season.
I think the atmosphere of the UC will amp up the Hawks and hopefully lead them to a win at home! How about we break some glass over their head tonight?

Ozzie Looking for Bigger Fish to Catch

I know I’m a bit tardy, but I think the RedEye said it best, “HE GONE. He came, He swore, He Conquered. Ozzie has managed his last bleepin’ Sox game.” After an eight-year run as the Chicago White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen has walked away from the south-siders. He was unable to secure a contract extension last Monday morning and asked out of his current contract early. Rumors had been brewing for weeks that he was heading south to hang with all my crazy Cuban relatives in hot and humid Miami to manage the Marlins.

As a White Sox fan, I have to say I’m going to miss the outgoing Latin man. His pregame and post game sound bites were unforgettable. Guillen once told reporters that “no comment” was not part of his vocabulary, and he kept to his word. I just wanted to say a quick “thank you” for 2005, when a Chicago baseball team got to bring a World Series Trophy home (something that seems impossible for those North-Siders).    

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But now it is time to give a proper welcome to former White Sox star third-baseman Robin Ventura. Although he has absolutely no managerial experience, and Ken Williams decision came as a shock to most Chicagoans, I’m going to give him a fair shot! I mean he’s not going to be Tony La Russa opening day next season, but I think he absolutely has the passion for the game. In a conference call with the AP after his decision he said, “I do have a passion for it. I do have a passion for this team and this city. I’m not one to really back away from a lot of things . . . The passion is there to do it, I was asked to do it. I’m honored.’’

So for now…welcome Robin and goodbye Ozzie!