It’s Here… Our First Bears vs. Packers Showdown

The rivaled Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers will meet at Solider Field for the first time this Sunday since the NFC North Championship throw-down in January. The Packers won 21-14, sending Rodgers and monster man Clay Matthews to the Superbowl. Everyone has the defending Superbowl Champs picked to win, but us Chicagoans are hoping the Bears’ O-Line figures out they should be the ones tackling the defense…not the defense sacking Jay Culter.

Culter spent far too much time on the ground last week, taking a pounding against the New Orleans Saints. Let’s say it together “Protect the quarter back, Protect the Quarterback”. We know better than anyone, Aaron Rodgers can turn this game into a shootout, and anticipate he will abuse Chicago’s secondary and spread the football around to anyone in a green jersey (Jennings, Driver, Finley, Nelson etc.). Culter’s going to need to be on his feet and able to complete some passes, but we need to focus on our strengths, Matt Forte¬†(by the way let’s give him that extra $$ he’s asking for).

Here’s what I believe needs to happen:

  1. Linebackers:¬†Brian Urlacher¬†> Clay Matthews. Let’s hope number 54 comes out in full swing “Beast mode”
  2. Julius Peppers needs to show Rodgers how sweet the grass of Solider Field smells.
  3. Matt Forte needs to have 117 rushing yards in the game – not just the season thus far.
  4. Offensive line must adjust with Gabe Carimi injured
  5. All Bears fans need to snatch the cheese hats off of Packers fans heads and throw them in the nearest receptacles.
The Bears defense will be on its toes again this week, but I’m hoping the Packers leave Chicago 2-1. BEAR DOWN!