Bulls 2013-14 Season Preview: Lets Get Ready to Rumble

The Bulls are back in business! After going a very impressive 8-0 in the preseason, it’s clear that the Chicago Bulls are dedicated, determined and looking rather fierce for their 2013 debut. Superstar point guard Derrick Rose has returned after a rough year-long hiatus and so have the Chicago Bulls’ title hopes.

Last year was a tough time for Bulls fans, as we eagerly awaited the non-existent return of our MVP, but it’s time to put all grudges aside because DRose is ready to show us he was worth the wait.

The ultimate goal remains the same: knock Lebron James and the Miami Heat from their Eastern Conference throne and get Chicago to their first NBA Championship in over a decade. Can greatness be achieved with the return of Derrick Rose and a stifling defensive mindset under the guidance of head coach Tom Thibodeau? Only time will tell, but if the preseason was any indication of what is to come, things look good for the Chicago Bulls in the upcoming season. Let’s dig deeper into the Bulls 2013 season and Chicago title contention hopes.

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Joakim Noah is an Adidas Dude


It’s official ladies and gentlemen, Joakim Noah is no longer a free agent – on the shoe market that is. The infamous messy-bun-swagger will be rocking new kicks on the court this season.

Adidas sent out a press release confirming their new deal with the Bulls All-Star center this week. Hopefully, Adidas’ technology can improve Noah’s overall foot health. His high profile case of plantar fasciitis last season kept him off the court for too many minutes during too many meaningful games.

rose_noah_091026It wasn’t necessarily Adidas’ technology that persuaded the big man to lean their way, but rather his passion for improving the community’s youth through his Noah’s Arc Foundation. He felt that Adidas was the way to go to make the biggest impact overall. Partnering with Derrick Rose, who has a global profile, won’t hurt the cause either.

Noah officially ended his shoe deal with French sportswear manufacturer Le Coq Sportif this off season. Some criticized Le Coq Sportif during the plantar fasciitis catastrophe because the French company didn’t have experience developing shoes for professional basketball athletes.

Noah is the seventh player on the Bulls to sign with Adidas – Rose, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, Marquis Teague and rookies Tony Snell and Erik Murphy are all partnered with the brand as well.

DRose Gets His Duck Dynasty On

DRose duck dynastyHappy Birthday little Sully monster, I mean P.J. Rose!

Papa Rose threw his little guy a costume party to celebrate his first birthday. Apparently, Rose doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting his dress-up on.

The Chicago Bulls’ point guard dressed up as Willie Robertson from A&E’s reality TV show, Duck Dynasty. The costume included a full beard (James Harden worthy), vest and patriotic stars and stripes bandanna.

P.J. rocked a head-to-toe Sully costume from Disney’s Monster’s Inc. movies – obviously there was a matching cake to go with.

PJ's Costume party

Looks like it was a fun filled family event!

Photo credit to Beyond the Buzzer.

Basketball is Everything to Derrick Rose

What does Derrick Rose have left if you take away the mansion, the famous friends, and the lavish lifestyle filled with really awesome birthday cakes? He still has the hardwood and to this guy, basketball is everything.

Adidas took a different approach in their latest commercial for the returning Chicago Bulls superstar. The commercial titled “Basketball is Everything” is less about the “D Rose 4″ shoes and more about making a statement.

derrick-rose-d-rose-4-bulls-3_crop_northIt begins by illustrating all the by-products of fame – Rose picking out some serious sparkly swag, Rose hitting the club with Common and Two Chainz – and some bitter fans who are still upset he didn’t return after receiving medical clearance last season may wonder “where are they going with this”?

Then, they get ya. Derrick gets nasty on the court and reminds all the haters that he’s STILL all about the game.

Well done Adidas, you gave me the chilly willies. Is it October 29th yet?

Top 10 NBA Players Dispute for 2013-2014


Sports Illustrated recently released their list of Top 100 NBA Players for 2014 and I have to admit there have been some rocky reviews.

The most public of criticisms came from OKC’s Kevin Durant who came in at #2 in the rankings. During a recent interview KD was asked who he thought was missing from his top 10 players. Durant’s response was James Harden. He was then asked who should be moved so Harden could enter the top 10 and KD said Dwyane Wade. Wade had come in at No. 8 on the list and Harden at 11.

And the social media throwdown began. Wade came back with this photo of his personal “reminder” for Durant to make him respect his legacy.

Dwyane Wade Instagram

What exactly defines a top player in the NBA? Obviously stats are taken into consideration. Who has the highest shooting percentages? Who scores the most points, has the most assists, the most rebounds? Who plays the most minutes? Who has the best defense? But to be the BEST in a league of stars it’s more than just statistics. In my mind it’s the guy who single handily takes his team to the next level by being on the court. He’s THE guy who needs a strong supporting cast to win championships, but leads the way to greatness. He’s not only explosive on offense, but can shut you down on defense during the next possession.

Here are SI’s top 10 players:

top 10

In all honesty I agree with KD, DWade is not a top 10 player in 2014 – there’s no way. The guy’s knees are in BAD shape. He didn’t blow and ACL or an Achilles, but his knees are not what they used to be. Also, last time I checked Wade barely played during the conference finals as well as the nba finals and the Heat won their second consecutive championship title just fine.

Where’s Chicago’s main man Derrick Rose? He’s been off the court for a year and coming off an ACL injury, but reports state he’s stronger than ever. Is Russell Westbrook, who also blew his ACL last season, a better point guard than Derrick Rose? Hell no. Also, last time I checked Rose won himself a nice MVP title just a few short years ago something KD, Chris Paul and Westbrook have yet to achieve.

What about Kobe Bryant. He’s 35 and coming off of an achilles injury. Reports are glowing with the miraculous rehab Kobe’s had, but he’s still past his prime. I know better than to doubt Kobe, but I don’t think I’d put him before Derrick Rose at this very moment in time.

Dwight Howard is another ranking I disagree with. Last time I checked the guy had a healthy Kobe Bryant next to him all last season and didn’t do squat. He got shut DOWN by Nazr Mohammed when the Lakers played the Bulls. I’m not trash talking my man Nazi, but he’s not a candidate for defensive player of the year.

AGE FACTOR: Tim Duncan may have stoically made it into the NBA finals last season, but he will be another year older this season. Will Tim Duncan be a better player than James Harden and Derrick Rose. Nope, no way.

If I had to rank, here’s my top 10:

  1. Lebron James
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Chris Paul
  4. Carmelo Anthony
  5. Derrick Rose
  6. James Harden
  7. Tony Parker
  8. Kobe Bryant
  9. Tim Duncan
  10. Dwight Howard

The farther you scroll through the list the more questions you have. Check out the full list here: http://nba.si.com/2013/09/20/top-100-players-of-2014-nos-10-1/2/

Who’s your top 10?

Bulls Announce 2013-2014 Regular Season Schedule

It’s official Bulls fans, our men in red will kick off their 2013-2014 season on October 29th in the exact same place last season’s playoff run was snapped – American Airlines Arena against the defending Champion Miami Heat. Clear your calendars ladies, it doesn’t get any better than this!

It was just over a week ago that Derrick Rose self-proclaimed he is the best player in the league and now he has the perfect opportunity to back himself up. To be the best you have to beat the best, and right now the reigning MVP Lebron James is sitting atop his NBA throne just waiting to be challenged.

We say, bring it King James.

The season opener won’t be Rose’s official “return” as he is slated to play during the Bulls’ preseason, but all eyes will be on the point guard to see how he matches up against the defending champs. The night will also feature the Heat accepting their championship rings and hoisting their banner – maybe tune in a few minutes late.

The NBA released the full 2013-2014 season schedules on Tuesday afternoon and the Bulls will be showcased quite a bit making 33 appearances on national broadcasts.

Games to Watch this Season:

October 31: Bulls will host the New York Knicks in their Halloween home opener at the United Center at 7 p.m.

December 25th: For the fourth straight year Chicago will participate in the NBA’s Christmas Day festivities facing a very revamped Brooklyn Nets team (Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce traded east coast cities over the off season). This will be the team’s first meeting since a battered Bulls team booted a healthy Nets team from the playoffs during the postseason.

March 7th – 17th: This Bulls homestand is a doozy. They take on five playoff teams over a 10 day span. You’ll see the Memphis Grizzilies, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings and Oklahoma City Thunder. I’d recommend scoring some tickets to witness the action in person!

See full season schedule here: http://www.nba.com/bulls/schedule

Buckle up Bulls fans! It’s going to be an exciting season so make sure you’re ready for the wild ride.

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HE’S BACK: Rose Confirms Return Next Season

It’s been over a year since we began following Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose’s dramatic road to recovery. On Sunday, Rose put any lingering doubts to rest about his long anticipated return next season. THANK GOODNESS. After the whirlwind of “Rose Returning” rumors during the playoffs, I don’t think our Bulls-loving hearts could take anymore disappointment. It’s time to dust off your DRose jerseys and get ready to watch our favorite Chicago Bull make his triumphant comeback.

Rose who is currently touring Europe to promote his Adidas clothing and shoe line told the media in Spain, “I should be able to play in the first game of the season,” according to HoopsHype.com. “I know I’m anxious right now to play. My health is everything right now, it’s 100 percent. But right now, the first game … I will definitely be playing it.” Rose also gave a shout-out to coach Tom Thibodeau for his constant support throughout last season as well as working with him so much this off-season.

The bad news, Rose’s big debut is most likely going to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the Bulls’ preseason game against the Washington Wizards (he hinted to it on his website). The Bulls are one of a few teams handpicked by NBA Commissioner David Stern to represent the NBA in a foreign market.

Although we’d prefer DRose make his comeback on the hardwood floors of the United Center, we’re ecstatic that the former MVP is finally truly returning to the court.

And queue Derrick Rose hype video:

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Joakim Noah Has Derrick’s Back

noah postgame

After the Bulls unexpected 93-86 Game 1 win over the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals on Monday, Rose speculators started running their mouths more than usual about “the return.”

no soul

Joakim Noah stood up for his brother in red and had some words for the Rose-Haters out there. Noah told the press that what Derrick is going through is so tough and it’s amazing how quickly people jump to judge a player that they admired so deeply just a year ago.

“If you tore your ACL and you have to be the starting point guard and have the expectations that Derrick has, then maybe you can judge, but everybody who hasn’t been in that situation before should really shut up because I feel like it’s just so unfair to him and to this team. We’re fighting, and everybody’s going to just s— on somebody who’s been giving so much to this organization. It’s crazy to me,” he told ESPN Chicago.

Derrick_BenchCritics have been up and arms about Rose’s return since he was medically cleared in March and has not yet played this season. On Monday Rose told the media that he hasn’t been ruled out completely for the Bulls-Heat series, he said, “still up in the air. I might have a chance.”

Noah has a point though, since when would any of us fans, analysts or other players have any idea what he’s going through. Last time I checked we’re not franchise point guards that are expected to carry our teams on our backs. People expect Derrick Rose to come back in “too big, too fast, too strong” fashion – that’s just a little bit of pressure.

We can just add this to the list of reasons the city of Chicago loves Joakim Noah. Never lose your passion man. Preach Jo-No.

First Round Playoff Preview: Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets

If watching the Bulls has taken a back seat to other reality TV viewing this season, it’s time for you to jump back on the Bulls bandwagon.The NBA playoffs have finally arrived and the next month and a half of exciting playoff action is the ideal time to really tune in and pay attention.

It’s been a love-hate relationship for most of us Bulls fans this season, but the time has come to put the regular season behind us, strap on our best Bulls gear and BULLieve in our city’s team.

Despite the constant disappointing hype surrounding Derrick Rose’s return and the additional injuries to other starters, the men in red nabbed the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference and are heading to Brooklyn to get the post season started against the Nets this Saturday.

Brooklyn has home-court advantage in the first series, being the fourth seed, however the match-up is not unfavorable for the Bulls. Chicago took 3 of the 4 games against the Nets in the regular season – one coming just a few weeks ago while the Bulls were missing half their roster. This series will be a true test of the offensively powerful Nets and the defensively feisty Bulls.Can the “heart, hustle and muscle” pull off a first round win against the new-era Nets? Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau told ESPN he “likes his chances,” with the guys who have played all year. Let’s find out.

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Bulls March Report Card: C+

The month of March was ticking along like just an average month of late for the Bulls, full of ups and downs and sprinkled with some tough injuries, until they snapped the big bad Miami Heat’s 27 game winning streak. And like magic, the shorthanded Chicago Bulls gained a little bit of much-needed respect around the league.

As we begin the final month of the regular season, our Bulls have already clinched a playoff spot – not too shabby. Let’s re-cap what went down this past month. Remember ladies, these are excellent talking points for water coolers, cocktail parties and wherever else the Bulls are discussed.

The Good: Despite missing some key players due to injury, the team has glimmers of fabulousness when they play as a cohesive unit. Los Bulls were able to defeat the Heat without Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Marco Belinelli and Rip Hamilton.

Defense is the name Thibodeau’s game. The Bulls are still dominating on defense, only allowing 92.5 points a game (going strong at third best in the league).

The Bad: No sight of DRose. The Bulls star point guard has taken a cautious approach to his return to the lineup after undergoing serious ACL surgery last May. Even though Rose was cleared to play by the team’s doctors in March, he’s been very vocal about not suiting up until he feels 100%.

This is all fine and dandy, but it’s time to make an official statement – he’s either coming back or he’s not. If not for the fans, then for the mental sake of his teammates who are bombarded with “Derrick Rose return” questions on a daily basis.

The Bulls can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to injuries. Kirk Hinrich spent half of the month on the bench with his ailing injuries.  Rip Hamilton is out of the lineup with a back injury. Taj Gibson also missed more than half of the month with a knee injury. One of the toughest injuries has been Joakim Noah’s plantar fasciitis that has kept the heart of the Bulls hustle and muscle sidelined for the last few games.

Overall: Chicago is sixth in the East and won half of the games played in March. A 7-7 record constitutes a C average, but the Bulls get some extra credit for preventing the Heat from making NBA history. We give the men in red a C+.

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